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"Tennis gives children the chance to improve their confidence and fitness, as well as promoting a healthier lifestyle. It is a proven fact that children involved in regular sport achieve better in school."

At Appeti Tennis we put junior tennis at the forefront of our minds.  We are proud to say that we specialise in the development of junior tennis players from beginners to world ranked players.  At Appeti Tennis we have activities and programmes for all ages and abilities and welcome new children to the centre and the wonderful sport of tennis.

Our programmes for older children, aged 11-17, offers players the opportunity to learn, play and compete in a friendly environment with children from Canterbury and the surrounding area. Our centre is based at The Canterbury Academy, a hub for local sport!

Each week we regularly coach upwards of 200 children, coaching takes place in groups or in private lessons. Private lessons can be taken in pairs and are a fantastic fast track option, particularly for children that come to tennis a little older.

All coaching at our centre is booked indoors and equipment is provided free of charge if needed.

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Many older children start with individual lessons, these can be booked at a time that suits you and are not only excellent for learning technique and tactics but are also great for general fitness and building confidence.

Lessons can also be shared with one other person or booked as a “Private Group” this can have a maximum of 6 players of a similar level!

Individual Lessons

If you would like to book your child an individual lesson please drop us a line with their level, availability and when you would like to start.

Group coaching is extremely popular at the centre, groups are split not only by age but also by level, this ensures the best experience possible for the players.

Typically coaching takes place after 5pm and weekends for this age group.

Group Lessons

All group coaching is managed by our coaches, who are responsible for making sure players are in the right groups and working at the correct rate.


To book simply drop us a line, and remember we can lend rackets and balls and there are no additional start up costs, all we ask is that you dress for sport!

As a Pay and Play facility our courts can be booked at anytime.

If your child is looking for a practice partner or group of others to play with get in touch and let us know their level and we'll do everything we can to put you in touch with other players. If you are unsure where they will fit in level wise come and have an assessment lesson with one of our team!

Click here to learn about tennis Meet Ups!


If you are looking to compete then we are happy to guide you in the right direction, this could be with an LTA rating, enabling play with other children in the UK, maybe helping you arrange a friendly group for a doubles or maybe taking part in some friendly competition at the centre!
Further information on competition at the centre can be found here!