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We welcome people of all ages and abilities to play at our centre, if you’re new to tennis we can lend you a racket and help you develop through coaching either in a group or on your own.

If you already play and are looking for others we are happy to help you find players of a similar level and if you already have people to play then you can simply book a court and play, no membership required!

Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for you to learn, play and compete!


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At Appeti Tennis, development is in our DNA and our team of coaches are happy to provide coaching to adults of all standards.  Coaching is available in groups or on a private basis.  At Appeti Tennis there are no memberships and we are always happy to lend rackets and balls Free of charge

Getting started is easy, just click here to get in touch!


As a Pay and Play facility our courts can be booked at anytime of the day, this can be during the day to play with friends, in the evenings after work or at weekends with friends and family.

To book simply drop us a line, and remember we can lend rackets and balls and there are no additional start up costs, all we ask is that you dress for sport!

If you are looking for a practice partner or group of others to play get in touch and let us know your level and we'll do everything we can to put you in touch with other players, if your unsure where you fit in level wise come and have an assessment lesson with one of our team!

Click here to learn about tennis Meet Ups!


If you are looking to compete then we are happy to guide you in the right direction, this could be with an LTA rating, enabling you to play other adults in the UK, maybe helping you arrange a friendly group for a doubles or maybe taking part in some friendly competition at the centre!

Further information on competition at the centre can be found here!