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We are super excited to announce a new sponsorship from Pantheon Management Services.

Pantheon Management Services have generously provided a brand new ball machine for the tennis centre and even more exciting it will be free to use for every junior player at the centre.

This is an amazing donation, so a huge thank you to Pantheon Management Services for this donation that is worth £1800.

Mr Beghin and Pantheon Management Services are keen that their sponsorship reaches as many people as possible, particularly children.

With this in mind the ball machine will be offered in the following way:

For the first year there will be no charge for any child to use the machine and adult pupils of the centre can also use the machine free of charge for the first 3 months.

All other users that wish to use the machine will simply pay £10 per hour plus the price of the court.

The ball machine is a Spinshot Plus 2 which can be controlled by smartphone and configured to give a combination of any shot.

Thanks again to Pantheon Management Services for this fantastic addition to the centre!

Eb with Pantheon Director Bing Beghin

Official Sponsor

Pantheon Horizontal RGB
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Eb and Bing

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Pantheon Management Services have over 100 years of experience throughout the African continent.
Whether you wanting to import products or services; obtain expert advice on sourcing or financing from trusted international suppliers; or get advice on the latest and best-of-breed technologies & solutions that are changing the African landscape at a rapid pace.