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  • Monthly Leagues
  • Typically one match per week
  • Meet players of a similar standard
  • One hour matches
  • Separate boxes for juniors and adults
  • Play indoors or outside
  • Results available online

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Our box leagues allow all our match ball players to get involved in friendly competition with others from the centre.

Open to both Juniors and Adults, league matches are arranged in your own time and can be played indoors or outside.

The match format is simple and designed to be played in a 60 minute timeslot. At the end of the month players are moved up or down the boxes depending on results.

To sign up to one of our leagues speak to any of the tennis team, call 01227 767661 or click here.

Matches are played with a simple set of rules designed to keep the matches fast and fun.Taking only 60 minutes means that you can simply book 1 hour of court time and know that your match will be completed.At the end of each month your total number of games won, not matches will determine how successful you have been in the league.If you top your box you will move up a division, if you are the bottom of the box you will go down! Sorry!

League Rules

Each match must consist of 15 games (all 15 games must be played)

At deuce all games are sudden death

All matches must take place at the Appeti Tennis Centre

Results must be submitted online after each match here

Each league runs from the 1st of each month and finishes on the last day of the month

Players must complete all matches each month!

We are proud to offer a schedule of competitions for our players at the centre.  These range from mini red events for those as young as 5 or 6 to adult leagues for our senior players!

Jon and Partner
Men round net
Pair with Medals
Tim and Ffion

SUMMER 2024 Events coming soon