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THE Appeti Tennis SCHOOL

A Full Time Tennis and Educational Programme for 8 - 18 year olds

The Appeti Tennis School is a partnership between Appeti Tennis and The Canterbury Academy. It is designed to provide a tailored programme of tennis and education to aspiring tennis players between the ages of 8 and 18.

The Appeti Tennis School is designed for children who see tennis as their primary sport and as a potential career path.

Our programme is born out of many years of working with junior tennis players who have found trying to combine tennis and education to a high standard, difficult, demanding and restricting. In response to this we have created a comprehensive programme that ensures tennis and education do not conflict and are completely personalised to the individual's needs.

Each pupil receives a dedicated programme of tennis and education during an extended school day.  The following elements are included:-

• Core academic subjects

• French and Spanish

• Supervised private study time

• Individual tennis coaching

• Squad tennis coaching

• Individual and group fitness training

• Individual and group tennis psychology coaching

• Group lessons in nutrition

• Indoor and outdoor practice time

In addition to a customised academic and tennis timetable pupils have a flexible schedule which allows for the inclusion of both competition and rest.  A sample timetable can be downloaded below.

The Tennis Programmme

Our tennis programme is all encompassing.  Our dedicated team develop players technically, tactically, physically and mentally.

Working with players on a daily basis for a number of years enables us to determine the best way to develop each pupil, providing a truly individualised programme for every player.  All players in The Tennis School work with the entire coaching team but are allocated one lead coach who is responsible for their tennis programme, individual lessons and competition planning.

We operate a team based approach to training and development and encourage as much interaction with other older and younger players at the school as possible.

Appeti Tennis have coached juniors to top county, national and international level.  We always promote a hard working but fun environment.

Fitness and tennis psychology coaching are included for all players and in addition coaches attend all major tournaments with players during the year.

Our core programme operates throughout the week, meaning that players are free to compete and/or rest at weekends.

Although a high level of practice and commitment is needed to become a succesful tennis player children still need time to be kids. By having all their tennis, school and homework finished by 6pm during the week and having at least one day of rest at the weekend  our players can enjoy childhood whilst developing and succeeding in their tennis.


Education is primarily provided by The Canterbury Academy through The Canterbury Primary School and The Canterbury High School.  The Canterbury Academy 'converted' in 2010 after been judged ‘outstanding' by Ofsted.

The Canterbury Academy is a 'school for all the talents' which strives for excellence in 4 areas which are, academic study, practical learning, performing arts and sport. This makes it an ideal location for the Appeti Tennis School as academic staff are particularly understanding and flexible to the needs and requirements of young athletes.

The Canterbury Academy believes in nurturing and developing each individual pupil and achieves this through close and thorough liaison between students, parents and staff. This means individual timetables can be created for each pupil allowing maximisation of the school day in terms of balancing curriculum time between tennis and school.

The Appeti Tennis School has two dedicated classrooms where pupils can benefit from smaller classes and more individual learning time with academic staff. Private study sessions are built into the timetable and learning aids such as iPads are available to each pupil.

The Canterbury Academy and The Appeti Tennis School aims to provide the highest possible quality education for each student and focuses on the importance of both teaching and learning.  

This programme allows pupils to become successful learners who are continually making progress and achieving within the academic and sporting environment.

Facilities – The Canterbury Academy

The Appeti Tennis School is part of the larger campus of The Canterbury Academy, which hosts a number of sporting, leisure and community facilities for use by students and the local community.

• Tennis Centre including 2 indoor courts

• 2 Outdoor floodlit macadam Tennis Courts

• 1 Outdoor macadam Tennis Court

• 2 all weather astro turf courts for tennis and netball

• Floodlit beach courts for beach tennis, volleyball, rugby and football

• Sports hall including: 6 badminton courts, 2 x 5-a-side pitches, 2 half

and 1 full basketball court, 2 netball and volleyball courts

• 6 lane athletics track (Floodlit)

• 2 x football pitches (1 x Floodlit)

• 60 station Gym (including Ladies only gym)

• Café

• Fitness studio

• Kent Adult Education

• A dedicated Language School

• Chef’s Academy

• Conference Facilities


Financial Assistance

Wherever possible Appeti Tennis aim for entry into the tennis school to be as affordable as possible as such we always looking for sponsors for the programme and its players.

In associaton with The Canterbury Acaedemy we are able to offer scholarships to those that excel at tennis and would otherwise find it difficult to take advantage of The Appeti Tennis School.

Typical scholarships offer between 20% and 50% reduction and any pupil can apply.  Currently children in the programme receive financial support from Appeti Tennis and/or The Canterbury Academy.

Goods and Services

The following companies provide tennis specific goods and services to pupils of the Tennis School.

Click here for further information

Entry Requirements


The programme is open for applications for entry between school years 6 and 8.

Players may be able to join outside of these age groups but only where their level of tennis and academic ability is consistent with that required to join the programme.

Players joining at mini green level will be required to be rated Green 1 or higher and of county standard.

Players joining at 12U age group and above will be required to be at county level (equal to top 10 in Kent).

Final tennis entry is at the discretion of the Appeti Tennis Coaching Team.

Academic Entry Requirements

The Canterbury Academy seeks students who wish to commit fully to this programme including its educational component. It will not select students according to their academic ability but may suggest that boys and girls join it’s grammar stream which works in partnership with Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys.

The Canterbury Academy will work with each student and their parents to provide the most appropriate curriculum timetable.

The Canterbury Academy will require each student at the Tennis School:

• to enrol at The Canterbury Academy

• to wear the uniform of The Canterbury Academy

• to follow the practices and procedures of The Canterbury Academy

Annual Fees

Unlike most Tennis/Educational programmes The Appeti Tennis School is based at a state school, this means that the educational element does not have any additional charge, players also benefit from the opportunity to be placed in a dedicated grammar stream and receive many lessons on a tutor basis.

The annual fees apply to the tennis element and include the following each week:

• Individual Lessons
• Individual Fitness Training
• Individual Tennis Psychology coaching

• Group Tennis coaching
• Indoor and outdoor practice courts
• Access to the programme during school holidays

French and Spanish tuition is provided as part of the educational programme and is designed to aid players when travelling abroad.

Note: Fees are paid monthly in 12 instalments.

Fees include tennis throughout the weekend when required and access to the centre during school holidays.

Fees do not include food, physiotherapy or sports massage.

Minimum commitment is 1 year.

Tennis fees for pupils joining September 2023:

Full year, term time and tournament attendance during school holidays • £13,200 pa.

All fees subject to a 5% annual increase.

Scholarship places

In association with The Canterbury Academy we are able to offer scholarships to those that excel at tennis and would otherwise find it difficult to take advantage of The Appeti Tennis School.

Typical scholarships offer upto 20% reduction and any pupil can apply.

The number of scholarship places is limited each year.

The Appeti Tennis School is happy to receive players from around the world and can aid in finding host families.

If you are interested in a place at The Tennis School for your son or daughter please drop us a line and we can arrange a visit or taster day!