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At Appeti Tennis, junior development is in our DNA and Mini Tennis has always played a huge part in our junior programme.

Mini Tennis, or “Tennis 10s” as it is known globally, is a scaled down version of tennis that is a specifically designed to make tennis for the 10 and under age group as easy as possible.

The programme uses a scaled down court, mini racket and a slower ball for each age group.

Appeti Tennis have trained 1000’s of children in Mini Tennis since our formation in 1998, many of these players have progressed to play tennis at County, Regional, National and International level.

Our coaching team provide group and individual coaching, help your child find others to play with and provide structured competition.

Mini Tennis is played in three distinct categories.

  • Age 3-10
  • Age 11-17
  • Holiday Camps
  • Tennis and Education
  • Play
  • Compete
  • Coaches
  • Prices

Mini Tennis - Red is played on approximately 1/4 of a full size court in a space around the size of a badminton court..

It is played with 21” - 25” rackets and foam balls indoors and oversized slower balls outside, scoring is typically first to 10 points.

Mini Tennis - Red • 3 - 8 years old

court 3

Within our Mini Red programme we offer “Tiny Tennis” groups for those 3 - 6 years old, Recreational groups for 4 - 7 year olds and Performance (match oriented) groups for those 6-8.

When children are around 9 years old they move up to Mini Tennis - Orange, played on 3/4 of a court with a slightly lower net. This transitional game is the perfect step up as players get older.

Using a ball that is 50% slower than a regular tennis ball Mini Orange prepares slightly older children for the full court and faster ball that will come when they are a little older, at this age a longer racket can also be used!

Mini Tennis - Orange • 9 years old

court 3

When competing Mini Orange is typically 3 tie breaks or one short set to 4, this helps children get used to regular scoring.  Many players joining at age 9 - 12 start with a course of individual lessons, this can help fast track their development.

Around the age of 10-11 children can play Mini Tennis - Green, played on a full size court with the net at a standard height with a 25% slower ball. This is the last phase of tennis for our youngest players.

Using short set or tie break scoring prepares children for matchplay. We often encourage children to stay here for longer if they need to build confidence and we offer some groups that have both Match ball and Green ball pupils. Green ball tennis is also great for beginners of all ages, including adults!

Mini Tennis - Green • 10 - 11 years old

court 3

Typically aged 10 - 13 children are ready for full court, match ball tennis, however we are always flexible and work hard to make sure children play where they are comfortable.

To get your child involved in our Mini Tennis programme simply drop us a line!


As a Pay and Play facility our courts can be booked at anytime.

To book simply drop us a line, and remember we can lend rackets and balls and there are no additional start up costs, all we ask is that you dress for sport!

If your child is looking for a practice partner or group of others to play get in touch and let us know their level and we'll do everything we can to put you in touch with other players, if your unsure where they will fit in level wise come and have an assessment lesson with one of our team!

Click here to learn about tennis Meet Ups!


If you are looking to compete then we are happy to guide you in the right direction, this could be with an LTA rating, enabling play with other children in the UK, maybe helping you arrange a friendly group for a doubles or maybe taking part in some friendly competition at the centre!

Getting started is easy, just click here to get in touch!

Further information on competition at the centre can be found here!