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appeti white ghost


Appeti Tennis have been part of Team Volkl since 2003 and Volkl provide rackets and equipment to our coaching team and selected players, as well as being the only brand of rackets we recommend to our players and pupils.

Volkl’s superior brand of rackets and balls never fail and their constant innovation means that Volkl rackets deliver power, speed and comfort to players of all abilities and ages.

The Volkl experience extends to the amazing customer service and we are happy to have built a great relationship with the brand.

Volkl rackets are precision engineered and offer a range of technologies to enhance the overall performance of your game.  Appeti Tennis provide a range of the latest rackets at the centre to try for yourself, as well as Volkl rackets to borrow when playing at the centre.

All rackets are available in the a range of grip sizes to suit your needs and when you buy a racket it will be custom strung, with the string and tension of your choice, to give you a custom racket fit.

In addition to rackets the Appeti Tennis on site pro shop provides Volkl balls, strings, grips and accessories.

Eb Appeti has been using a Volkl 4 for nearly 20 years and is currently using a VCell 4 with Volkl Synthetic Gut.

Some of our pupils with Paul Smith from Volkl UK

Eb Appeti reviews the Volkl V Feel 4

Official Racket Sponsor

Volkl Technology

The following 9 rackets are available to demo at the centre.

Use the Volkl racket profiling chart to help find the right racket for you.

Volkl  SS  2021 highRes 4 01