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Welcome to the website of Appeti Tennis. Appeti Tennis was founded in 1998 by Eb Appeti with the aim of providing better opportunities for people to get involved in tennis and develop as players.

Since that time we have put together a team of committed professionals, all of whom share a passion for tennis and a vision to change the way in which tennis is promoted and coached. Our tireless commitment to our programmes has enabled us to become a brand leader for both community and development tennis in Canterbury and East Kent.

Our "Fresh Approach to Tennis" has, to date, provided free tennis to over 25,000 children in Kent and Sussex.  We believe that tennis is a sport that can be enjoyed by everyone

We hope you enjoy our website and have the opportunity to join us on court soon.

Open to all!

Our aim has always been to provide a relaxed but productive environment for people of all ages to enjoy tennis.

Our programmes are varied, our youngest pupils in our ‘Tiny Tennis’ classes are only 3, our youngest individual pupils can be as young as 2, our current oldest pupils are in their 70s.

We welcome those new to tennis as well as seasoned players and have programmes for all ages and abilities.

We don’t believe in memberships or complicated entry requirements, if you want to get involved simply  book a lesson or court and come and play!

pay and play

All aspects of our programme are pay and play.  Want a court? Simply click here!  No need to join or commit months in advance.

Want a lesson? Individual lessons can be booked by the hour and again you don’t need to pay a membership and if you want group lessons we only ask that you commit to 4 weeks at a time!

everything else!

We’ve talked about juniors, we’ve talked about pay and play but don’t forget Appeti Tennis have been specialising in tennis since 1998 and can offer nearly all aspects of tennis activity.

We run our own school offering tennis and education, external coaching to local schools, a Pro Shop specialising in Volkl Tennis rackets and we have experience coaching from club to international level.

Oh yeah and we just totally love tennis, which means if you’re looking to start your tennis, develop your tennis or master your tennis you’ve come to the right place.

So you know what we are about, browse the rest of our site or get in touch here! See you on court soon!