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Please donate equipment or funds to help more people get involved in tennis in Ghana, West Africa.

Donate Equipment

Donate Funds

'In 1986 my father, who was a Ghanaian, brought me my first tennis racket; a racket I still have today.  It started me on a journey as a tennis fan, then player and now coach that has lasted over 30 years.  The power something as simple as a racket, a ball, a bat, a pair of shoes or football boots can have on a child should never be overlooked.

I am very proud that from 2020 Appeti Tennis in collaboration with Tennis Foundation Ghana has been working hard to get more children playing tennis in Ghana, West Africa, my father's home country.

We started a campaign for donations of tennis balls, rackets, clothing, water bottles, caps and any tennis related items that we could send to Tennis Foundation Ghana to be used by underprivileged children.

• Donate any useable balls, tennis clothing, tennis equipment or rackets you have.

• Make a donation to help with funding the costs to ship these items to Ghana.

So far we are proud to say that we have shipped 12 barrels to Ghana.

These barrels contained 2 ball machines, 35 rackets, 5500 tennis balls, 506 items of clothing and 54 pairs of tennis shoes. Many other items were kindly donated, such as notebooks, water bottles, racket bags and caps.

We currently have 2 barrels ready to be shipped to Ghana and aim to send 4 more barrels by the end of 2024.

We would love your help to achieve this through a donation that will help in the buying and shipping costs of the barrels. You can also donate any tennis equipment, clothing or other items.

If you can be of any help please use the 2 buttons on this page or get in touch with us directly if you would like to help in another way.

Thanks for your support.

Eb Appeti