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We are proud to now offer a programme of Pickleball, one of the world's fastest growing sports, at The Appeti Tennis Centre.

Pickleball is played on a badminton sized court and is combination of tennis, table tennis and badminton, it uses a special paddle and plastic ball and can be played as singles or doubles.

Check out this great video by playpickle.com for a 90 second guide to the game!

Guy Farmer tennis and pickleball coach

Guy is one of our resident coaches and specialises in Pickleball.

Guy has been hosting taster sessions at the centre and is now hosting Pickleball meet ups for players of all ages and abilities.

During these sessions Guy will help you play and develop your Pickleball while having fun and hopefully meeting new players along the way.

Sessions take place indoors and used a modified tennis court and net.

All equipment is provided.


Starting on Sunday 25 February we will be starting a 4 week Introduction to Pickleball course.

You will learn the basic techniques and technical elements of the game.  Click below to book!

Please note to book you will need to be registered to our booking partner Playtomic, you can download the app below.

Timetable - The following times are available

  • Open to all

  • All equipment provided

  • Singles and Doubles

  • Played on indoor courts

  • Great for new and experienced players!