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Use the guide below to work out where you fit in our programme!


For those who are new to tennis, you are learning basic technique and tactics and are working on learning to rally.  At this stage you are not yet playing matches but maybe playing some points.


You are developing techniques and tactics and may play once or twice a week.  You are working on becoming consistent and are looking to improve all aspects of your game.  You are beginning to play friendly matches.


At this level you know the basics of technique and can play a set of tennis. You are working on making your game better and starting to play more often.

Club Level

At this level you are looking to improve the competitive side of your game. At Club level you are confident to play sets and friendly matches. You are playing regularly.


We are pleased to offer the opportunity for adults of all ages and abilities to Learn, Play and Compete at the centre.  The timetable below shows our group adult coaching programme, we can also provide individual coaching and opportunities to play with others at the centre through meet ups!

Courts can also be booked by the hour and a ball machine is available to hire if you do not have anyone to practice with or simply want to work on your strokes!

Coaching Timetable

  • Tuesday • 10.00am - 11.30am • Ladies Morning - All Levels. Click here to find out more
  • Tuesday • 6pm - 7pm • Group Coaching - Beginners / Improvers
  • Tuesday • 8pm - 9pm • Group Coaching - Intermediate/Club (Ladies only)
  • Tuesday • 9pm - 10pm • Group Coaching - Intermediate/Club (Men only)
  • Wednesday • 6pm - 7pm • Group Coaching - Improvers/Intermediates
  • Friday • 10.00am - 11.30am • Ladies Morning - All Levels. Click here to find out more

Getting started is easy, simply click here to get in touch!