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Appeti Tennis, September 25 2019

Volkl Racket Launch - September 2019

Volkl Tennis are launching 3 new rackets as part of their Autumn/Winter range and as the sun is still shining now is the perfect time to try out a new frame.

First up is the V-Feel 3, with all the benefits of the popular V-Sense model, the new V-Feel 3 has been upgraded with the stronger, more shock absorbent V-Feel technology.

This racket offers players optimal power in an ultra-lightweight frame, the Volkl V-Feel 3 is a great choice for those looking to hit longer rallies with 30% more power and 30% more control.

Next up, is the V-Feel 7. The Volkl V-Feel 7 racket offers excellent control for more experienced players. This racket features premier technologies that promote more precise ball control and a comfortable feel.

The V-Feel 7 features comfort handle and V-Sensor technology. The perfect racket for tournament players with a focus on precision.

The third racket in the Autumn/Winter range is the C10 Pro. An update to a classic, the new C10 Pro has been upgraded not only cosmetically, but also in it's construction.

This frame features style, and feel. Designed for impressive accuracy. The C10 Pro has a twin absorber handle and soft butt cap, developed specifically for tournament players.

Contact us now to arrange a try out!

Which one of the new Volkl rackets is your favourite?

Written by

Appeti Tennis

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