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Appeti Tennis, November 1 2023

Spurling Cannon Sponsor the Tennis Centre

Appeti Tennis are pleased to announce that Spurling Cannon Certified Accountants will be sponsoring the centre once again in 2023.

Spurling Cannon have been supporting junior players at the centre for over 5 years and this year will be really exciting as they are going to become our official tennis ball sponsor for the next 12 months.

This incredibly generous sponsorship is worth £3000 and will have a big impact not only on the players and pupils at the centre but the wider community, as we always make sure that used balls get a second life through donations to local schools and local dog charities. 

The sponsorship will also benefit our fundraising campaign to help send tennis equipment to underprivileged children in Africa as used tennis balls that are left over from local causes will be sent to Ghana  (around 6000 tennis balls have been shipped to date).

So, a big thank you to Spurling Cannon once again.

Spurling Cannon Chartered Certified Accounts are a Kent based accountancy firm.

Their fresh thinking and personal approach has enabled them to grow into the largest firm of accountants in Kent.

Donate to Ghana here - https://www.appeti.com/ghana

Written by

Appeti Tennis

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