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appeti white ghost
Appeti Tennis, July 3 2019

July 2019 - Eastbourne International Tennis

It was a sunny Monday when a group of players, coaches and parents headed down the coast to Eastbourne to the 2019 Eastbourne International Tennis. Eastbourne is one of our favourite tournaments with lots of great players, matches and ice cream. 

Getting there nice and early always means seeing the practice courts full and this year was no exception. Caroline Wozniacki, Johanna Konta, Kyle Edmunds, Sloane Stephens were all out practicing.

However,  everyone got really excited when Andy Murray arrived on the practice court and he stopped for autographs and photos with our juniors when his practice finished.


After a very busy morning it was crucial that the team refuelled so it was off to Favoloso for ice creams!!

The afternoon was spent in the stands watching the Fernando Verdasco match.

Then heading home tired but excited after another brilliant day at the Eastbourne International Tennis tournament.

Check out all the pictures from the day here.

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Appeti Tennis


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