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Appeti Tennis, October 6 2023

6 Reasons Why Tennis Coaching Is a Brilliant Activity For Your Child's Development

1. Mental health

Tennis can boost your child's mental development and health.

Tennis requires the brain to be creative through a combination of planning, tactical thinking and coordinating different parts of your body. 

It can also teach children resilience, emotional understanding, independence and social skills.

Through involvement in a sport it has been shown that your child could experience better self-esteem and  be less anxious. They may also feel a reduction in anger and depression.

Physical activity that require a lot of thinking is shown to improve brain function. 

So, as well as having loads of physical benefits, your child could improve their concentration memory and general learning. 

Physically active children often achieve higher levels of academic attainment than their less physically active school friends.

2. Expert coaches

Coaching sessions are organised, planned and run by our fully qualified coaches, who will teach your child proper technique and form. 

They will ensure each session is packed full of fun games and dynamic drills in a safe and inclusive environment.

At Appeti Tennis we have activities and programmes for all ages and abilities and welcome new children to the centre and the wonderful sport of tennis.

3. Physical health

Tennis involves a lot of running around, quick movements and uses the whole body. 

This means that tennis offers a huge amount of physical benefits to your child.

Fast feet to manoeuvre them into the right position, then their arms and hands need to work together with the racket in order to make contact with the ball. Their core and legs provide the power necessary to hit a tennis ball with enough force to send it over the net. 

And this process happens every time your child hits the ball.

Your child will positively impact their  flexibility, coordination, range of motion, posture, hand-eye coordination and balance over the course of a coaching session.

4. There's no contact

More and more parents are looking for ways to encourage their children to be healthier and more active and with the increased awareness around sports injuries they are steering their children toward sports with a lower risk factor.

Tennis is a non-contact sport and for this reason has become a favourable option for parents looking for a safe and healthy activity for their child. 

5. It boosts immunity

The physical benefits that come with tennis means your kids will be growing up in the best physical health possible, which increases their immune system and resistance to disease! 

By staying fit and healthy, your child will have a stronger immune system to help fight the germs often passed around the classroom.

6. It's social and lots of fun

Getting your children involved in a group coaching session can provide so many benefits.

 They can develop a strong sense of belonging and camaraderie as well as an opportunity to make new friends outside of school.

Tennis involves following rules, taking direction and accepting decisions. Interactions with coaches and other children during a coaching session can teach respect and improve listening skills. All of which will level up your child's social relationships.

It's also an opportunity to get whole  family playing, which is a great way to build family bonds and spend time together.

Read more about our junior coaching programme here.https://www.appeti.com/juniors

Written by

Appeti Tennis

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