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Appeti Tennis, November 16 2020

Aiding the Tennis Experience with Kollectaball!

Time spent on court with a coach is valuable. As coaches, we want our players to get as much as possible out of every lesson, but a frustrating amount of time can be spent picking up tennis balls. 

Kollectaball’s innovative ball collection technology drastically reduces the amount of time it takes to pick up balls, allowing coaches and players to focus on what they’re really there for - improving their game. If you can save ten minutes each lesson by picking up balls more efficiently, then this adds up to a serious amount of time over a year. 

Kids in particular love the Kollectaball. Teaching kids is about keeping them engaged, which is easier when you’ve got fun games to keep them entertained with, but more difficult when it comes to the tiresome aspects like picking up balls. If you can improve the less fun aspects of the tennis experience, then you’re going to improve the overall experience and that’s exactly what Kollectaball does. 


Small details make a big difference in tennis. Whether it’s incremental progress, or that moment everything just clicks into place and someone makes a big jump with their game, small details are essential. 

We’re all about putting in place the conditions for our players to enjoy tennis to the fullest and get the most out of their game and Kollectaball helps us achieve that. 

It’s not just a ball collector, it’s something that aids the tennis experience. At the Appeti Tennis Centre we love Kollectaball tennis ball pick up system. It's fun, fast and efficient.

Check out our video on Kollectaball.

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Appeti Tennis

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